Best Curry In Glasgow | A Review Of The Dhabba

Indian cuisine has fast become a favourite of people across the UK and beyond. With this trend, it is difficult to find the best restaurant, and even harder to find the best curry in Glasgow. There are hundreds of Indian restaurants in Glasgow alone and it is difficult to choose our favourite. However, we have found an exceptionally good one.

The Dhabba is one of the finest purveyors of North Indian cuisine that we can find, so we have brought a couple of dishes to the table in order to give you a taste of what you could have if you booked a table at The Dhabba.

Anari Macchli

This dish is one from the range that is cooked in a Tandoori Oven. A traditional method for cooking what might be the best curry in Glasgow. The dish consists of chargrilled salmon with an addition of pomegranate and carom to really make this fish dish sing with flavour. The carom gives the fish a really woody, almost minty flavour while the pomegranate gives bursts of sweetness to balance it out.

All of the tandoori dishes are served with a choice of sauce which each will complement the dish differently.

Best Curry In Glasgow

Shahi Nihari

The dishes in this area are all based on the cooking style ‘Dum Pukht’ which means to have the food cooked extremely slowly in its own juices. This dish, in particular, is made up of pulled lamb with light spicing. It is slow cooked in a rich, creamy sauce. It seems like it may be a traditional combination but the result is fresh and modern.

Subzi Biryani

An intensely flavoured rice-based dish, Biryani is a big hit.  The Subzi Biryani, in particular, is an amazing dish for veggies, with a mix of homemade paneer and seasonal veg. This is an incredibly traditional meal that has been passed down through generations and is cooked in the Dhabba the exact same as it was in history. It might be the best curry in Glasgow.

Best Curry In Glasgow

The Dhabba: Bringing You The Best Curry In Glasgow

It is clear that The Dhabba definitely has got among the best curry in Glasgow. With incredible variety on the menu, they are a clear winner for us.