Dental Practice Glasgow | Oral Hygiene Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

Dentistry is an incredibly broad subject and many people will not fully understand the way that the teeth, jaw and mouth work. Due to this visiting a dental practice in Glasgow is essential to ensure you are taking care of your teeth properly and get recommendations on how to improve your oral hygiene. This article will tell you some facts that you may not know about oral hygiene.

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Tooth Enamel is the Strongest Substance in the Human Body

Tooth enamel is one of the only parts of the human body that cannot repair itself. This is why it is best to avoid over sugary and acidic foods and drinks, as well as following good dental hygiene and visiting a dental practice in Glasgow twice a year. It’s so strong due to being made up by 96% minerals.

Average Person Produces 2-4 Pints of Saliva Per Day

This works out at about 28413L of saliva over a lifetime. This may seem excessive (and a little gross) but it’s actually a really good thing. Having enough saliva in your mouth is good for your oral health as it helps prevent bacteria from reproducing, which can cause cavities and bad breath. Having insufficient levels of saliva in your mouth can also cause gum disease. Visit your dental practice in Glasgow if you have concerns.

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Your Jaw is the Most Powerful Muscle in Your Body

There is a lot of debate on what the strongest muscle in the body is, mainly due to insufficient facts and the way that certain muscles are measured. But one of the strongest muscles in the human body is the muscle that allows us to chew (masseter muscle). An average person can produce between 170-200 pounds of force with their jaw muscle alone, but this can be drastically more in some people, especially those who regularly grind their teeth or chew gum.

Half of the Population of Northern America Had No Teeth 100 Years Ago

It’s no secret that the world of dentistry has come a long way since then. Today, only 10% of people over 65 are missing teeth. Which is an incredibly drastic improvement.

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Athletes Are 60% Less Likely to Damage Teeth Whilst Wearing a Mouth Guard

Trauma caused sports is one of the leading causes for tooth loss in people under 35. This is due to some of the trauma that can be experienced such as contact with a person or object, which is much more likely during sports. If you want to get a mouth guard that is made to measure for teeth, visit your dental practice in Glasgow to get one specially fitted to your mouth. Ill-fitting mouth guards can still allow teeth to be damaged and are more likely to fall out.

Every Persons Bite Mark and Tongue Print is Different

Just like your fingerprint, you have a unique bite mark and tongue print. There are even some companies working on technology that can identify a person through a tongue scan.