7 Great Examples of Effective Social Media Marketing Strategies

Social media has become a massive part of our lives. There are so many different platforms that all have their different uses and niches. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many, many more have all become so popular that even the most technophobic amongst us have heard of them. Social media has also become huge for businesses. Social media marketing is so useful because it allows companies to bring targeted campaigns to large audiences. Every successful company in this day and age will have some sort of strategy in place for their social media channels. Here are seven of the best examples:

·        Staples

For some companies marketing can be easy because their product sells itself and is entertaining to talk about. Unfortunately for Staples, office supplies don’t possess this. They have to get creative in order to make products such as pens and notebooks seem interesting. Staples’ twitter account is certainly creative. By using aesthetically pleasing images and jokes about the office culture, they have taken full advantage of social media marketing.

social media marketing

·        Pampers

Pampers are both at an advantage and disadvantage when it comes to marketing their product. On one hand people love to talk about babies, simply by posting a picture a baby online you’ll get a lot of interactions. On the other hand, they have to sell a less desirable part of having a baby – changing nappies. Their social media campaign is focused on ignoring this side of being a parent and concentrating on playing to the special bond between parents and their new-born. It’s certainly worked so far with positive reaction to their social media channels.

·        Poo-Pourri

Sometimes companies have a product that allows for a lot of humour to be made in advertising. Poo-Pourri is certainly one of those companies. A spray that’s sole purpose is to cover up the smell we make in the bathroom. The company took full advantage of their situation on social media through their “Girls Don’t Poop” campaign. In which they posted videos making fun of all the unspoken bathroom habits.

·        Social Media Marketing: Innocent

This smoothie company have gone all guns blazing when it comes to their social media campaigns. They want to start conversations with people and have as much interaction as possible online. They do this through speaking like humans instead of using buzzwords and other business type chat, and will also seek out conversations by talking about current events. Pair this together with some of the interesting and entertaining content that they post and they’re on to a winner.

social media marketing

·        JetBlue

When businesses started to use social media as a marketing technique they would often go in with the strategy to post sales messages without any sort of targeted approach. JetBlue went in to social media with a different approach. If you look at the company’s twitter feed nearly all their posts will be replies to customers talking about their brand. It has made the airline seem more caring towards customers – something some airlines have lacked in recent times.