Road Work Companies | Tips for When Road Construction Affects Your Business

Roadworks can be a pain, but without them, the roads would become worn and useless. People often forget that roadworks can affect more than just how long it takes you to get to work. Some small businesses can be affected when roadworks in their area limit the amount of people coming in the door. Whilst reliable road work companies will try and do the job in the quickest time possible, the same can’t be said for all.  Here are some tips for when roadworks are causing disruption to your business.

Pay Attention to New Developments from Road Work Companies

Something as simple as checking your local government’s website a couple of times a week can help you keep up-to-date with any new development in your area. If you see anything about upcoming roadworks, you can choose to go to meetings regarding it and any concerns you have can be aired during this time.

Citizens Group

If you do have any concerns or problems with the roadworks that are going to be going on, getting a citizens group together can be a great idea. When it comes to politics, the more voices you have fighting for your cause the better. Putting more pressure on the government to ensure that the work is carried out during the graveyard shift is one idea of a compromise that could be negotiated.

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Lobby for Concessions

Road work projects generally take a lot of negotiation before they will go ahead, this is to ensure that the work can get done in the most cost-effective way possible. Everyone from politicians to road work companies and even local businesses can get involved and try and lobby what they think will be the best course of action to minimise disruptions.

Hoard Cash

It’s all about being prepared before the road work companies start. As soon as you hear of works going ahead in your area start trying to hold back and save some financial resources. You can do this by reducing inventory and operate with saving in mind, so if sales are affected, it won’t seem like so much of a loss.

Put Up Signs

Putting up signs or banners to inform consumers that your business is there and open for business is a great method for bringing people in the door, despite the roadworks.

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Keep in Touch with Clients

Make the use out of social media, your website and mailing list to keep clients updated on the progress of the roadworks. Post your opening hours and alternative routes to get to your business while the road work companies do their thing.

Ask Other Businesses for Help

Ask other businesses if they will display flyers or business cards for your business during the roadworks (for free) and tell them you will return the favour when the same happens to them.

Exploit the Situation

If you are a business owner who also owns the premises that is going to be affected, this may be an opportune time to undertake any renovations or upgrades.