Top Industries to Start a Business in 2018

If you are thinking about starting up a business in 2018, there are a few interesting industries that a new business could thrive in due to the current market and need for these products and services. Here are just some of the industries you should consider before starting a business this year.

Disaster Relief

Starting a business focused on disaster relief could be challenging for a number of reasons, but there is a large market for it right now. A lot of start-up businesses are innovating new ideas on how to deal with all manner of disasters. From improving safety and communication for those caught up disasters such as hurricanes and earthquakes, to producing new bulletproof technology for rucksacks and desks.

Disasters, both natural and otherwise, have increased around the globe and the need for disaster relief has inevitably grown with it. There is an extremely wide market for this right now, whether you want to get hands-on by building relief shelters or stick to the more technological side and create something that could be used to save lives or to help prevent as many casualties as possible.


The collaborations made between the beauty and technology industries are still on the rise. As technology advances, so do many industries as businesses find new and inventive ways to make and sell products. It also makes it a lot easier for companies to create products.

From machines that can produce tailor-made skin products based on each individual’s skin tone, to electric foundation brushes that blend the product in for you, anything is possible in this new chapter in the beauty industry.

Influencer Agents

You’ve probably heard of sports and music agents but with the rise of social media influencers, there is a new generation of agents. Social media influencers have huge followings and usually specialise in categories such as health and fitness, beauty or travel. The aim of the agent is to turn those followers and posts into money through promotion, new business ventures and successful branding.

This is a highly competitive field, with larger agencies commonly taking clients from smaller ones. The best thing to do if you’re entering this field is to get experience, check out what your competitors offer (and try to offer different or better) and try to establish a good reputation. These will be the key factors in building your brand and keeping your clients.

Elderly Care

The baby-boomers are one of the largest generations, as they begin to retire and age the need for elderly care is going to increase. Many companies are looking into high-tech solutions to help make the running of care and retirement homes a lot more efficient.