Where to Purchase the Most Reliable Scissor Lift Platforms

LLM Handling is arguably the best supplier of scissor lift platforms in the UK. If you work in the industrial sector and have experience with lifting and transporting heavy loads then you will be more than well aware of the importance of having the right tools and machinery to aid you in your tasks. Manual handling is the cause of over one third of all workplace injuries which includes musculoskeletal disorders. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) can include pain and injuries to joints, legs, arms, and repetitive strain injuries of various sorts. These kinds of injuries can last for long stretches of time and in some people they return time and time again as the first case caused permanent damage to the affected area. In order to avoid this type of injury you should avoid any heavy lifting, which means equipment and machinery that is reliable and in full working order is an absolute must for every warehouse and heavy loads job in the country. This article discusses where you can purchased the most reliable scissor lift platforms.

Mechanic working with scissor lift platforms to lift up engines onto the hanging chains

LLM Handling

This British business was built upon a passion for helping workers in the heavy loads industry fulfil their day to day tasks without risk of injury. LLM Handling wanted to provide a superior brand of handling equipment with products that are reliable. Features that are consistently found throughout the entire range of LLM products are durability, strength and compact design thus appealing to all workers and business owners within the warehouse and lifting heavy loads trades. On top of that, LLM Handling offer competitive prices and guarantee accurate delivery times.

Birdseye view of shipping containers at a port that uses scissor lift platforms

Scissor Lift Platforms from LLM Handling

LLM Handling offer a comprehensive range of lifting equipment. Their low profile scissor lift platforms are an ideal choice if you require to lift loads of up to 1000kg using a single scissor mechanism to a high height. This would be suitable for lifting heavy loads to a very high shelf or up to a mezzanine level. The reason that LLM Handling’s scissor lift platforms are so popular, is due to their low profile design. This particular design allows the operator to load the weight directly onto the platform from a pallet truck. The LLM scissor lift platforms come with a special ramp that allows you to do this. Alternatively, there are two models that come with a u-shaped platform thus allowing the transfer of heavy goods from a pallet truck without the ramp, much easier. What’s more impressive, is the LLM scissor lifts tables are raised using a control panel through a 3 phase electrical supply. With the design of the products being so flawless in addition to the outstanding customer services provided by LLM, the best choice for purchasing your scissor lift platforms is clear.