Best Dental Tips For Healthy Teeth

Avoid Sugary Drinks

It is essential to limit your intake of sugary drinks, which are known to be unhealthy for your body and your teeth. Not only do they lead to weight gain and increased risk of type 2 diabetes, but they also contribute to tooth decay and erosion. These beverages include soft drinks, energy drinks, and pre-made iced teas. Even fruit juice can be harmful to your teeth.

Brush Twice Per Day

The importance of brushing twice a day for healthy teeth cannot be overstated. Studies show that poor oral health is closely linked to serious diseases. For example, patients with diabetes are at increased risk of gum disease. Others with osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and HIV/AIDS can have deteriorating oral health.


Flossing regularly is a great way to maintain a healthy smile. It helps get rid of plaque, a sticky, colourless film that forms on teeth and along the gum line. Despite not being visible, plaque is a dangerous build-up of bacteria in the mouth. These bacteria release acids that break down carbs and produce a film that adheres to teeth.

Avoid Acidic Food

To protect your teeth from acid damage, you should pair acidic foods with foods that have high pH levels, such as cheese, vegetables, and fruits. These foods neutralize the acid found in your saliva and protect the enamel of your teeth. In addition, they provide your body with calcium and phosphorus.