Office Productivity: 10 Tips for Boosting Output at Work

Working in an office can at the best of times be a sluggish experience. Spending most of your time surrounded by the same four walls and having the same small talk conversations every day is hardly the best situation to keep us motivated. There are now companies that will sell you the latest technology to keep your office productivity up, but at the same time will charge a small fortune for it. These ten tips are low-tech and easy to do, and by doing even just a couple of them you will see a boost in your output at work.

·        De-clutter Your Workspace

At the start of each working day, take some time to get rid of all the unnecessary items on your desk. By streamlining the space that you are working in you will be able to be more calm and focused. This will then see a boost in productivity as well as reducing the time you spend trying to find things.

office productivity

·        Add Some Plants or Colour

Nothing is more demotivating than a boring, empty workspace. Colour is proven to have a positive influence on our moods and productivity. Studies have shown that by having plants around the office, employees become more focused, less stressed and boosts productivity.

·        Personalise Your Space

By having some personal belongings around you will feel more relaxed and comfortable. Both academic and social belongings – anything from your degree to a family photo – will put your mind at ease. This makes it easier to focus on the task at hand.

office productivity

·        Complete Unwanted Tasks First

There’s always that one task that we will continue to push back until we can’t anymore. But by actually doing this task first and getting it out the way (as horrible as that may sound) we will be able to put it behind us – boosting office productivity in the process.

·        Disable Email Notifications

Instead of answering emails as soon as they come in, try setting out points in the day to deal with all your emails at once. Continuously replying and dealing with them can be disruptive to the productivity of your day.

·        Have Small Breaks

Throughout the day, make some time for yourself and take a break. Do things such as going for a coffee, reading a book etc. and you will see more productivity from yourself. Overworking yourself isn’t beneficial to anyone.

office productivity

·        Get Moving

Don’t just sit at your desk for the entire working day. Do some small exercises in order to get the mind and body flowing. Physical exercises have been proven to help mental health and focus. This can also be done before work, try going to the gym before you head to the office.

·        Office Productivity: Put Your Headphones In

Listening to music while you work can boost your productivity. Some people might see it as anti-social but most of the time that isn’t the case. It may even prevent you from being unnecessarily disturbed throughout the day.