The Pallet Lifter – A Short Guide

The pallet lifter is a versatile piece of equipment which can be used in a number of different formats and environments to move heavy goods. One of the most common environments to find a pallet lifter being used is music festivals. Often during music festival or events it is not uncommon to see several pallet lifters in use due to their overall effectiveness and all round ease of use.

pallet lifter

Why Use The Pallet Lifter?

There are a variety of different reasons as to why using this form of equipment can be beneficial to a company. One of the main advantages of the pallet lifter is that it is easy to use and requires little to no training. Another advantage to the pallet lifter is that it is very affordable meaning that smaller firms that need to transport heavy goods short distances can so on a budget through the help of a pallet lifter.  The pallet lifter overall is  a much more cost effective solution than come of its counterparts in the equipment world and is best suited to indoor conditions where it is used over small distances.

Pallet lifter

What Are The Alternatives To The Pallet Jack?

There are of course a wide number of alternatives to the pallet lifter aka pallet jack which all have their own unique traits. One of the most popular alternatives to the pallet jack  is known as the forklift truck. The forklift truck is a form of equipment which is designed to carry heavy loads and typically requires one person to drive the forklift. One significant difference between the pallet jack and the forklift is that the forklift can transport a significantly heavier load than the pallet lifter. However this comes at considerably more cost as the forklift requires fuel and maintenance as well as a trained driver. Fork lifts are better suited to certain work. For example if the work is being done within a busy industrial environment such as a warehouse then the forklift can excel as it can move more goods faster and more efficiently.

However on the other hand if the event is at a smaller venue with heavy equipment often in this scenario a pallet jack may be better suited for this type of work .  Another alternative to the pallet lifter which is commonly used is electric pallet stackers. Electric pallet stackers are mainly used for work that is high above the ground and enables workers to move goods at height as well as on the ground. One of the downsides of this form of equipment is it is considerably more expensive to purchase and run than the pallet jack. Although having said this it is highly effective at completely work. Furthermore there have been autonomous versions developed that means a business can run at maximum efficiency as this equipment can be run at night.

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